Angry Birds Costume For Teens

Angry Birds Costumes: A Unique Idea For Halloween This Year!

Angry Birds is the ridiculously addictive game that’s been played by thousands of smartphone and tablet computer users. The game has become so popular, in fact, that official Angry Birds Halloween costumes have now been released!

Choosing the Angry Birds theme for Halloween is excellent if there are a few of you who want to coordinate your costumes. There are quite a few characters in this game, meaning more unique costumes to choose from. This costume is also suitable for both kids and adults, as it’s a game played by just about all ages.

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Officially Licensed Angry Birds Costumes

The good news is that it’s easy to get the Angry Birds look just right if you choose to buy an officially licensed costume. Here’s the lowdown on what’s available:

Red Bird: This is the classic character you think of when you imagine Angry Birds. The red bird of the earlier levels looks fierce! This costume is designed to stand out from your body in the round bird shape – it comes with pillow pouches so you can stuff it into shape.

Yellow or Black Birds: Fancy going as the yellow or black bird instead? These are other big costumes that’ll create the right shape for the bird’s body, with holes for your face, arms and legs.

King Pig: The last choice is for you to go as the green King Pig. This is the pig that the birds are angry at and want to see destroyed! This is a classic green color, featuring the pig’s snout, eyes and small golden crown.

Whichever character you play, remember that the birds really are angry! After all, the pigs have stolen all of their eggs. It’s time to take revenge if they want to survive! This could make for some fun interactions between the birds and the pigs on Halloween, if you can get enough of you together wearing costumes based around this theme.

Can You Make Your Own Angry Birds Halloween Costumes?

There’s no reason why you can’t attempt to make your own Angry Birds Halloween costumes, but it could be hard to get the round shape of the bird right. That said, as long as you get the distinctive facial features correct you’ll probably still look recognizable as one of these fun characters.

Go one step further and you could even create a large catapult to bring with you to the Halloween party. You’re not really going to be catapulting yourself towards green pigs, of course, but it’s a fun prop that makes the costume even more real.

And don’t forget one key fact about the angry birds – they don’t have wings!

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