Avengers Black Widow Costume For Teenagers

When October rolls around on the calendar, you want to already be prepared with the costume that’s going to delight your child. With so many costumes at shops and online, you could look for hours trying to narrow down the right choice.

It’s easier to pick one when you know what’s popular. What’s popular this year are the superhero costumes for girls. You’ll see plenty of Batgirl costumes along with Wonder Woman costumes and Spidergirl, too.

But what hits the top of the list as the most popular this year is the Avengers Black Widow Deluxe Costume. This costume is patterned after a female superhero who’s tough and knows how to fight for what she believes in. She was a former enemy to the Avengers, but now she’s one of their best friends.

Your child will love wearing this costume. The costume itself is made of 100% polyester and it does have to be machine washed. Let it lie flat to dry it or hang it on a line outside.

This is an officially licensed product that’s made into a jumpsuit that looks like real leather. The material has a slight sheen to it. There are two belts as part of the costume. Both of these belts are detachable.

They fasten onto the costume with velcro so they remove and reapply easily. There is a buckle with the belts. Wrist cuffs are also part of this costume. It’s made to fit children’s size as small as 3T if needed.


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The black boots do not come as part of the costume and there aren’t any boot covers either, so you’ll need to provide something yourself to go with the suit. Because this costume was made in line with other Avengers costumes, there’s quite the array that you can choose from.

These heroes fought together to save the Earth so if you have a group of kids who all want to go as a character from the Avengers, then you have that option. One of these Avengers costumes is the Disguise Marvel Captain America American Dream Girl’s Tutu Prestige Costume.

This is an officially licensed costume. It features a dress with short netting sleeves. The dress is made of material that sparkles with a length that ends just above the knee. The middle part of the dress has large red and white stripes like the flag.

There’s a large white start featured prominently at the center of the dress top. The dress is deep blue in color. The tutu skirting is also blue and has red edging that goes all the way around the bottom. The headpiece has the trademark Captain America A with wings on the side. The shield is not sold together with the costume and neither are the shoes.

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