Bane Batman Costume 2012

Bane Mask HalloweenSince his arrival in the early 90s, Bane has gripped fans of Batman for quite awhile and a Bane costume will be in big demand this Halloween season. You sort of feel sorry for the kid version of him, who had a teddy bear with him in the prison until you start to see how hardened this character is.

NOTE: If you are looking for the Star Wars Bane Costume, you will find it here!

A powerful villain with a cunning mind, the character of Bane actually has a lot of depth. He’s most famous for being the grotesque looking villain who severely injured Batman by breaking his spine.

Bane is a huge, frightening villain, which of course makes him a great choice to choose as a character for your Halloween festivities. One of the most notable things about Bane is the scary headpiece he wears. It’s this part of the villain that makes him stand out.

Now you can have that same creepy headpiece yourself, but don’t place it where you can see it in the dark because it’s freaky looking and scary to stumble on in the middle of the night.

The front of the headpiece resembles the way a spider has the front pieces of his mouth. They’re short and fat like a spider and branch out and down toward the mouth that looks like a speaker. It fits over the head and fastens around the back. The fit is snug so it won’t come loose while you’re at a party or taking kids door to door.

But one thing’s for sure, you’re going to get plenty of attention with this headpiece. People will want to look away but will stare at it out of horrified fascination. The piece is made of plastic, so it wears well and is long lasting.

The look of the mask is true to form for what the actual villain wears. Of course, if you want to look bulked up like this bad to the bone villain, you can wear a muscle costume to look more beefy.

For the portrayal of the character, some pictures show him in what looks like combat gear – complete with a below the thigh outer coat – all of which are available online. You’ll want a vest to go under the coat, and though Bane wears an armored vest, those are super expensive – hundreds of dollars.

You can get the same look by buying an interceptor vest or using a chest harness or a SWAT vest. For the shoes, you’ll need to use a pair of combat boots in a dark color. If you want to get replicas, you can order those online.

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