Best Movie Themed Halloween Costumes This Year!

This year was a fantastic year for movies which, in turn, means a great selection of new Halloween costume ideas! Although you could go with the old favorites, why not try a costume that’s fresh in everyone’s minds this year? Here are five of the best movie-inspired costumes for 2011.

1) Captain America

Captain America is the only superhero costume that’ll let you show off your patriotic side this Halloween! His distinctive costume features the colors red, blue and white in the form of star and stripe patterns. Captain America’s main weapon, beyond his amazing physical strength, is his famous indestructible shield. Why not opt for this superhero theme for 2011?

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2) Green Lantern

The Green Lantern movie has created renewed interest in these famous comic book characters. The Green Lantern costume is, not surprisingly, all green and lit up on the chest. But to really complete the look, you’ll want to get hold of the ultimate weapon: the light up Green Lantern ring. Why not team up with a few friends and go as Hal Jordan, Kilowog and Tomar Re?

3) Black Swan

The Black Swan movie wowed audiences in 2010 with its stunning choreography and uncomfortable psychological themes. For Halloween 2011, why not choose to dress as the dark side of yourself, in the form of the Black Swan? This costume plays on the traditional ballet outfit – it’s all in black with the distinctive black feather makeup over the eyes.

4) Tron Legacy

The 2011 Tron Legacy movie took the original Tron costumes to the next level, with futuristic light up suits. Although it might not be easy to make your costume light up for Halloween, you can still recreate the general look with a black jumpsuit and some reflective tape. You can’t fail to impress people in this costume from a virtual world.

5) Sucker Punch

We chose to include the Sucker Punch movie for the fifth spot simply because it finally provides some excellent costume inspiration for women! Most main characters are male, as are the officially licensed costumes available to buy. Although women can choose to adapt the male costumes, choosing a theme like Sucker Punch gives you a lot more to work with. The dancers in this movie are excellent at fighting, and all have unique feminine, yet tough, outfits for you to choose from.

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