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Some of the most popular costumes for teens most years are superheroes, especially the ones from the Avenger movie franchise. Also popular are costumes based on the Star Wars movies.

But, the most popular superhero costume this Halloween is based on the all-American boy next door appeal of Captain America. The Captain America Winter Soldier Stealth Costume is an in-demand costume, so get yours early before they sell out!

Because this costume is so well loved, it’s a strong possibility that the costume shops and retail stores won’t have this one, so be sure and check online shops. This is a jumpsuit that’s made of 100% polyester and has to be hand washed.

The material is comfortable and durable but is thinner to allow for ease of movement. Because of this, you might consider wearing some clothing underneath it especially if you’re going to be outside and it’s cold.

The bottom of the suit is a pair of pants with durable stitching in the hem as well as in the seams. At the waist of the jumpsuit is a brown belt design that features a silver buckle.

The top of the jumpsuit is a long sleeved shirt. The top of the shirt is padded so this gives the illusion that the wearer has a superhero type muscled torso. What a lot of buyers love about this costume is that it has the muscle look without being overdone the way that some costumes can be.


So you’ll be able to move around with ease while wearing this one. At white star is at the neck of the top. On each side of the star, there are gray stripes. These stripes extend from the shirt down onto the sleeves.

On either side of the star, there are also two brown straps with buckles designed onto the material of the top. It’s easy to put this costume on and take it off thanks to the velcro fasteners in the back of the costume.

There is a mask with this costume. This one is a form fitting skull hood that has the Captain America A in the center of it. There are small openings for the eyes as well as for the ears.

The red and white striped shield with the white star that Captain America carries does not come as part of this costume. However, you can buy this as a separate piece when you get the Rubies Captain America: The Winter Soldier Retro Costume Shield.

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Hawkeye Costume From Avengers 2

If you’re looking for the perfect costume for your your teenager, then you already know that many boys tend to favor whatever action hero is popular. While it’s true that you can’t go wrong with everyday heroes like firemen, most guys love to let their imagination soar with the heroes they love.

Besides everyday heroes like firemen, there are the ever popular ones like Batman and Spiderman. But what’s popular this year among hero costumes is the Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Hawkeye Costume.

This is an officially licensed costumed. It’s made of polyester and can fit most teens well.

The costume looks like the one that Hawkeye wore with the jacket, shirt, pants and boot tops. The jacket is long, coming to rest right at the knees of the teen. It’s made of black with red trim at the opening edges.

The designs on the jacket give it a realistic leather appearance. There are also printed zipper pockets. The pants are black and also have the look of real leather.

They have a buckle design around the knee as well as a printed belt at the waist of the costume. Though the shirt and pants are one piece, the way that the costume is designed make it look like each piece is a separate article of clothing.


Save: $64.17
Price Last Updated: 5:23am, 31st August 2016 More Info

The shirt is actually part of the jacket and has a stand up collar that makes it look like it’s not part of the jacket. The boot tops are attached to the bottoms of the pants.

When you or your teen wears these covers with his own shoes or boots, you can’t tell that the covers aren’t real boots. The Marvel Avenger’s Hawkeye longshot bow does not come with the costume.

You’ll have to buy that separately, but it’s pretty inexpensive. In families with more than one child who wants to go as an Avenger, multiple costumes can be purchased and accessorized individually to look like the Avenger team is together again.

Also available are costumes for each of the other members. You can get an Iron Man costume with the mask, a Captain America costume with the shield or a Black Widow costume that features the one piece worn in the movie.

Additional separate items can also be purchased for all the costumes. You can even get one of the agent costumes. There are Nick Fury face masks available along with identification wallet and badge.

Phil Coulson costumes are also available. These costumes are made of a T-shirt that looks like a suit and tie along with the agent’s identification printed on the front left side.

Easy The Lego Movie Costumes Ideas For Kids And Teenagers

The Lego Movie Costumes are easy to make for teens and kids! This movie was a laugh out loud fun adventure that features many memorable characters that are perfect for emulating for Halloween. First up is Emmet who in a case of mistaken identity is thought to be the one who has to join a group of other characters to save the world.

The fact that Emmet is not that type of character makes the movie funnier. But Emmet could certainly rule on Halloween. His construction worker costume is a fairly simple one, but definitely stands out.

His costume is an orange pair of pants and top. The top is actually a safety vest and not really a shirt. It has the wide white stripes with a right pocket for holding a pen.

The vee neck vest dips open to show Emmet’s blue, long sleeved, open collar shirt beneath it. Topping the uniform is his bright red hard hat. If you wanted to be really authentic, you could use yellow body paint to color your hands and face to go along with the uniform.

Next up is Wyldstyle. Her costume gives a nod to her tough style shown in the movie. First, at a glance, she’s clad in head to toe black. The bottom of the costume is a pair of plain black pants.

#1ERB 19954 Omega II Cap Style Hard Hat with Mega Ratchet Red
ERB 19954 Omega II Cap Style Hard Hat with Mega Ratchet Red

#2KIDS USC Ghast String Raver Dance Pants
KIDS USC Ghast String Raver Dance Pants

#3Mr. Blockhead Kids Costume
Mr. Blockhead Kids Costume

The top is a zippered leather looking hoodie with the hood left hanging down the back. The main decorations on her costume are on the right side. There’s a mixture of blue and kind of pink/mauve design all tangled together almost in a line or slash style.

For the hair, you can either go with a black wig that has the one wide pink and one wide blue stripe, or you can use your natural hair and some of that Halloween hair color spray.

Though there are many versions of the Batman costume like the figurine has in the movie, you can get the same one. This costume is black from head to toe. The starkness of the black is broken only by the background yellow behind the bat emblem and the yellow of the belt. This costume has a cape and a soft hooded mask with the pointed ears. Accessories are available with this costume.

Vitruvius, the wise wizard has a more complicated costume. His costume is a pair of blue pants paired with a shirt that looks almost like a tie-dye shirt. He has a long, flowing white robe with brown tassels at the bottom front.

A blue cape is also part of his costume. To get his long white hair and long white beard look, you can buy these as separate pieces but don’t forget the headband that he wears. If you want to get that white look to the eyes, you can get glasses with white lenses.

The Benny character has a costume that’s a blue jumpsuit with a gray moon logo on the torso. The space helmet has an open front.

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Teens Will Love Godzilla Costumes!

Many adults can remember the Godzilla of their youth. In the show about the monster, the popular creature would often battle other monsters and while he was destructive to buildings and other things as he’d sweep his tail around, we also saw Godzilla as a hero of sorts.

The creature has now seen a rebirth in the new movie that bears his name and features a host of talented actors and actresses. The old and new popularity of the creature is why the Godzilla Halloween costume is such a fast selling item.

For the little ones who desire to act as Godzilla when they’re going after Halloween goodies, there’s a perfect costume for them. This costume is made of foam and it’s padded so it’s super comfortable and warm as well.

It has green feet shoe covers that look just like Godzilla’s feet and gives a sense of realism to the costume. One of the things that parents like about this costume is that the Godzilla mask features an open mouth. This enables a child to be able to see easier so less likelihood of tripping and falling.

The lizard-like hands of the costume are attached so those aren’t separate gloves. The tail is also attached and has padding so it has that full look unlike some tails that tend to look a little withered.

#1Rubies Costume Mens Godzilla Adult 3/4 Vinyl Mask
Rubie”s Costume Men”s Godzilla Adult 3/4 Vinyl Mask

#2Rubies Costume Mens Godzilla Deluxe Latex Hands
Rubie”s Costume Men”s Godzilla Deluxe Latex Hands

#3Rubies Costume Mens Godzilla Deluxe Overhead Latex Mask
Rubie”s Costume Men”s Godzilla Deluxe Overhead Latex Mask

Kids aren’t the only ones that get a kick out of dressing up like this character. Adults enjoy it too and just like the kid costume, the adult version features identical stuffing and design except of course, it’s a larger size.

Some people want to choose their own Godzilla body suit and if you can sew, that’s not a bad idea. However, if you’re looking for a realistic version of Godzilla’s face, you’re going to want to buy one. There are some really good, realistic looking masks that you can buy.

One of them is the head and neck of Godzilla and it’s done in the color like you see in the movie. It’s made out of sturdy latex and a lot of artistic attention was paid toward getting the details right.

The outside of the mask has the same ridges and bumps that Godzilla has. It also has the same half-lidded eyes with the lines between them that give the creature his ferocious look. The mouth of the mask is slightly open and you can see a peek of the tongue. But up front are the white, razor sharp teeth.

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Frozen Halloween Costumes For Teens

This past year, Frozen was one of the most popular movies for adults and kids alike. Frozen Halloween costumes are going to be some of the hottest costumes for teens and younger kids this Halloween!

Elsa is one of the few main characters of the movie and the Elsa costume is a great one. She wears a really nice light blue dress that is covered with white snowflakes. It looks quite a bit like the dress she wore in the movie while singing “Let It Go”! Any teenage girl will look like a queen since the dress is regal and quite flowy as you move.

To finish out the costume you’ll need a few accessories (that shouldn’t be too costly). Start with a tiara for their crown. Then you’ll want to get some sparkly shoes and some tights in a blue color. If you want to go all out you can find a wig that looks just like Elsa’s hair!

Another of the main characters teens will want to dress up as is Anna – Elsa’s sister. The Anna Halloween costume is pretty easy to find. It’s a really nice dress (just like Elsa’s). The blue dress is darker than the one Elsa wears. For the complete look you’ll need a cape (which comes with the official version of the costume, thankfully). The cape helps the teen or young girl stay warm while trick or treating or going to a Halloween party with friends or family.

You may want to consider a tiara for Anna’s costume as well (though it’s not necessary). There are some nice wigs that match Anna’s hair really well.

#1Santana Fashion Girls Snow Queen Costume Snow Princess Dresses - F2-Elsa (US-7/8 Elsa)
Santana Fashion Girls Snow Queen Costume Snow Princess Dresses – F2-Elsa (US-7/8 Elsa)

#2Frozen Elsas Tiara
Frozen Elsa”s Tiara

#3Disney Frozen Enchanting Dress - Anna
Disney Frozen Enchanting Dress – Anna

#4Disney Frozen Elsas Tiara and Braid
Disney Frozen Elsa”s Tiara and Braid

#5Frozen Olaf Character -Adult Costumes Pajama Onesies (Small)
Frozen Olaf Character -Adult Costumes Pajama Onesies (Small)

To really go all out and finalize both girls’ costumes there are a lot of options for jewelry in the Frozen theme. Amazon has a ton of bracelents and such to choose from.

Olaf is another great character from the Frozen movie. Teenage boys or girls could really dress up as Olaf this year. The Olaf costume is easy to figure out. You’ll need a white jumpsuit with a full hood. Wear either a brown or white t-shirt (with long sleeves) underneath the jumpsuit. You’ll also need some white boots, slippers, or booties to complete the look.

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Teenager’s Duck Dynasty Costumes For Halloween

If you’re looking for a fun costume idea, then you should consider dressing up as one of the characters from the Duck Dynasty show. Two of the most popular characters from the show are Uncle Si and his nephew, Willie, both of which you can find costumes for. These can both be great costumes used for teens this year at Halloween!

The Uncle Si costume comes with a camouflage hunting vest that has the Duck Dynasty logo on the left side. You can wear what you like under the jacket, even jeans and a t-shirt with long sleeves will work. But for best results, you’ll probably want to wear a camouflage jacket and pants so it’s more keeping with the character.

Along with the vest, you’ll also get a hat and a pair of glasses that are similar to the ones Uncle Si wears on the show. Of course, the best part of the costume is the big, thick beard they’re all known for. To complete the look, be sure to carry around a green tumbler and sip a beverage of your choice.

For Willie’s costume, you’ll get a hunting vest that looks similar to Uncle Si’s. Also included are a bandana with the American flag and a fake beard. To get the look that Willie wears, pair faded blue jeans with a dress shirt and a white suit coat.

Another popular character from the Duck Dynasty show is Phil Robertson. He’s the father of Willie, the voice of the narrator, and he’s also Uncle Si’s brother. A costume for Phil would include a beard and a camouflage bandanna or hat and possibly some comfortable sunglasses. Don’t forget to pick up a duck call to complete the look.

One of the most popular female characters on Duck Dynasty is Miss Kay. She’s the wife of Phil Robertson and mother to Willie. She’s known for wearing an apron frequently on the show.

#1InCharacter Costumes Duck Dynasty Willie Costume
InCharacter Costumes Duck Dynasty Willie Costume

#2Duck Hunter Costume Camo Hat W/Attached Grey Wig and Beard Set Adult
Duck Hunter Costume Camo Hat W/Attached Grey Wig and Beard Set Adult

#3InCharacter Costumes Duck Dynasty Uncle Si
InCharacter Costumes Duck Dynasty Uncle Si

#4Duck Commander Fear the Beard Costume
Duck Commander Fear the Beard Costume

#5Duck Dynasty Child Si Role Play Beard Standard
Duck Dynasty Child Si Role Play Beard Standard

Sometimes, her aprons have her name on them and sometimes they don’t. If you plan on dressing up as Miss Kay, then look for a costume that has an apron packaged with it.

Another thing that could be included with a Miss Kay costume would be a dark wig and possibly rain boots as she’s known to wear them frequently. Miss Kay’s biggest passion besides her faith and her family is cooking.

So to complete the look of your Miss Kay costume, grab a plastic bowl and stirring spoon. You can even put powdered sugar or white flour in the bowl. Take a small bit of the flour or sugar and blow on it for a true Miss Kay look.

3 Ways To Use Halloween Creepy Cloth

creepy clothI was looking through Amazon for some Halloween ideas today and I saw a neat product called “creepy cloth“. It’s a great idea that can be used both for decorations at Halloween or for a kid’s Halloween costume!

1 – Decorate with Creepy Cloth at your Halloween party! This could be used in almost any way you can think of as a decoration. It’s a sheer black fabric with rips and tears throughout it so it can be hung along walls or in corners near the ceiling for a run-down and creepy atmosphere. Since it’s 4 yards long you can easily cut it into pieces and sprinkle them on walls or in doorways for a dramatic effect!

2 – Halloween costume. If you want to have a nice Zombie costume but don’t know what fabrics to use, you could use this in layers to make up an impromptu torn-up zombie cloth. You’d likely want your kid to have some “dirty looking” clothes under it but this could easily be fashioned into a worn down jacket as an outer layer!

3 – Make furniture look old or make the outdoor decor scary for trick or treaters! I would imagine this would look good when strung over furniture at a Halloween party to quickly turn your regular furniture into a spooky version. Or – you can string it from the entrance to your front door to make kids walk through it to get to the door when they go trick or treating!

No matter what you choose to do with “Creepy Cloth” this haunted season, it’s a super cheap price and very easy to use to transform your decor into a spooky theme 🙂

Find out more about creepy cloth!

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Thor Costume From Avengers

When The Avengers movie came out this year, hot on the heels of the 2011 Thor movie, it was set in stone that this superhero’s costume would be one of the top sellers for boys. The Thor Movie Kids Costume comes in sizes 4-6, 7-8 or 10-12.  One of the reasons I like this costume is that it’s simple yet kids and teens will love it!  Also – there are only two accessories that you need to get to finish off the complete Thor costume for boys!

Thor, the Marvel Comics character who was taken from mythology, wields a heavy hammer that no mere mortal can lift. The hammer isn’t included with the costume, but you can buy it separately.

The costume reflects what the movie character (played by Chris Hemsworth) would wear into battle. He has a strong chest plate connected in a jumpsuit fashion and a red superhero cape flies behind him as he fights evil.

The costume doesn’t come with shoes, but in the movie Thor wore black boots. If your child doesn’t have black boots, then you can pair it with sneakers instead, because the jumpsuit will be black down to his ankles.

thor costume for boys

As for the accessories you can buy to go with the Thor Movie Kids Costume, consider investing in the helmet that Thor sometimes wears. It’s a silver helmet with wings that comes with a velcro strap to help it stay in place. It’s not heavy and bulky as you might expect, because that would be difficult for smaller kids to keep on.

Now when you go shopping for a Thor hammer to go with the costume, you’ll come to realize there is a wide range of options for you to choose from. Some are simple foam in either the brown and silver or brown and blue shades.

One Thor hammer that really stands out is the Thor Lightening Hammer. Every boy will want one of these because is comes to life with the press of a button, when you suddenly hear thunder and see flashing lights that mimic Thor’s ability to call on lightening, wind and thunder during battle.

The best thing about the Thor Lightening Hammer is that it has a built in weapon to go with it. It launches a missile at your enemies! So when you consider what your child will want, keep in mind that this option has extra features the foam versions just can’t compete with.

If your child is a toddler and too young for the costume described here, then you can find toddler sized Thor costumes. You can also find grown men’s Thor costumes, if you want father and son to dress alike this Halloween eve.

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2013’s Best Halloween Costumes For Boys

As boys grow out of the cute toddler and young kid stagse, they usually want to be strong and formidable characters! Sometimes they want to be funny and goofy, too! Many boys continue wanting to dress up as animals, but instead of a cute lion with a precious man that Mom or Dad picked out, they might choose a ferocious T-Rex!

Younger boys are interested in characters from The Croods, Wreck It Ralph, Iron Man, Man of Steel, Despicable Me 2, and a few other hot picks. Just find out what movie they’re obsessed with and that’s probably what kind of costume they’ll want.

Captain America has recently seen a rise in popularity since the Avengers movie series came onto the scene with a bang. You can buy costumes that come with or without his famous shield – and some of them even light up!

Batman (the Dark Knight) will never go out of style. From the classic costume of years gone by to the new stealth-like black attire, he’s a hit with little boys who want to catch the bad guys.

Classic movies like Star Wars give your young (or teen) boy a lot of options. From the evil Darth Vader to Chewbacca and Storm Troopers, they have tons of choices they can pick – and the costumes range from simple one piece fabric suits to extravagant costumes that look just like they came off the set of the movie.

For years, video game characters like the Super Mario Brothers have been a popular costume for boys of all ages to wear. In 2013, Minecraft is one of the most popular video games – and it’s a hit with young kids all the way through adults.

Your son might want to be a creeper, which is a green character that sneaks up on you and causes you to lose one of your lives in the game if you can’t run away from it fast enough.

Zombies are also a hit with boys. The Walking Dead is what’s caused a spike in this costume popularity, and you can get a simple zombie costume for the younger (tween) boys, and a super gory costume for the older teens.

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