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Despicable Me 2 Deluxe Girls Minion Costume

It’s time to get ready to celebrate Halloween and what better way to do so than by finding the perfect costume for your teenage girl. You want something that’s cute and popular but that will also be as unique as she is.

The most popular costume this year is the officially licensed Despicable Me 2 Deluxe Girls Minion Costume. The reason this one is so popular is because of the much beloved movies that feature these very characters.

The minions became a favorite of teens and children all over the world because of their funny antics. This costume is patterned after the minions right down to the same colored jumper.

The jumper is made of 100% polyester. The shape of the jumper is an A line and the length of the jumper ends just above the knees so it’s an easy costume to walk around in.

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The outfit is made to look like it’s a blue denim dress and it’s trimmed in yellow to make it appear as if it has pockets and a divided waistline. The top of the costume has a pocket that features the popular emblem that’s associated with the minions.

The shirt is bright yellow and long sleeved. Along with the dress, you also get the knee socks. These knee socks are black and shoes do not come as part of the costume, so you’ll need to grab a pair of black shoes to complete the look.

There are also black gloves that are included with the dress. These gloves fit just past the wrist in length and are comfortable to wear. A yellow headband that slips on is also part of this costume.

Big gray goggles just like the ones worn by the minions are included, too – at no extra cost. The movie featured a variety of characters if you have some adults in the family that also want to dress up.

One of these is the adult Gru costume. But if you’re looking for a Despicable Me costume that can fit boys or girls, there’s the Despicable Me 2 Deluxe Dave Minion Costume.

This polyester costume features the same color as the girls’ minion costume but comes with a jumpsuit instead of a dress. It also has the gloves and goggles and includes a yellow headpiece.

Deluxe Renaissance Woman’s Costume For Teenagers

With Halloween already on the horizon, the best time to browse and buy your costume is now. When you’re a woman looking for the perfect costume, you want to first decide the type that you’re going for. This costume is great for teens and adults alike!  The bundle below from Amazon has the boots and the dress together!

Are you looking for something funny or serious? Something modern or old fashioned? Some of the most popular costumes this year are related to older time periods in history such as the ones that feature kings, queens and knights in shining armor.

But the most popular costume for women this year is the Deluxe Renaissance Lady Costume and it’s sure to garner you plenty of compliments. This is a floor length dress in a rich purple color.

The material of the dress is crushed velvet and it has plenty of give to it, which means the dress will fit different body sizes quite well. The dress does offer plenty of warmth so you’ll be able to fight the chill of the night if you live in a colder climate.

The front sides of the dress are lined with a thin ribbon of material that’s set on a pale background. This allows the design on the material to stand out. The bodice of the dress is done in a corset style and features several rows of lacing.

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These tie into a bow at the very last row. The neckline of the costume is a square neck that’s decorated in the same material that lines the front of the dress. This is a long sleeve dress and the sleeves end in wide sleeves like the women wore back in the medieval times.

Around the upper arms on each sleeve are bands that feature the same design as shown on the front of the dress. The headband and shoes do not come as part of this costume but can be purchased separately.

If you’re looking for a renaissance costume in another style, you might want to consider the California Costumes Women’s Lady In Waiting costume. This is also a floor length dress that’s made of 100% polyester.

The dress comes with an underskirt. The top layer of the dress is royal purple while the bottom layer is green. The top of this costume is green trimmed in white ribbon at the collar and waist. The sides of the top are in the same purple color as the skirt.

The sleeves of the top are long and are in green with the same design that’s featured as is shown on the center of the top. Overlaying the sleeves are royal purple wing sleeves that are puffed at each of the tops. A gold crown with jewels is included with this costume.

DC Superheroes Supergirl Teen Costume

Long gone are the times when superheroes are just for boys!  There’s a huge market now for costumes made after the crime fighting heroines shown on the big screen. With all of the choices available, you might find it hard to narrow down your choice.

You can go with something like the Black Widow superhero from the Avenger’s movie, which is a very popular option this year thanks to the blockbuster appeal of the movie franchise.

Or you can pick the most popular costume on the chart this year and that’s the DC Superheroes Supergirl Teen Costume. This is an officially licensed product. It’s made of 100% polyester and has to be hand washed.

The costume is a fun and sexy costume better suited for older teens. The short red skirt is above the mid thigh in length. The material of the skirt shimmers with movement as well as when it’s in the light. The top of the skirt has a waistband of gold.

The shirt is made in a royal blue color. It features gold trim at the hem of the shirt. The shirt is long sleeved and the sleeves end in an angle rather than a straight line. These ends are also trimmed in a thin band of gold.

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In the center of the top is the easily recognizable Superman logo done in the famous outlined red S on a background of yellow. This shirt is a crop top that ends several inches above the waist.

Attached to the shirt at the neckline is the trademark red cape. The cape ends right at the waist area. There are shiny boot covers trimmed at the top in gold that are also part of this costume. The sizing for this outfit tends to run on the smaller size. So it’ll easily fit a teenager who has a waist size of between 22 to 24 inches.

Because Superman was a member of the fictional Justice League, there are tons of other superheroes that joined him and Supergirl in fighting crime and restoring justice for the people.

Among these heroes was Batgirl. Now your teen can replicate the look with the Batman Teen Batgirl Costume. This is an officially licensed costume that’s made of vinyl rather than polyester.

The sleeveless dress ends in a short above the knee length. The edges of the skirt are done in a jagged design. There is an off the shoulder cape that hangs about waist length and is attached to the top of the dress.

A wide yellow belt decorates the middle part of the dress and the yellow Batman logo sits in the middle of the top part of the costume. Hands free glovelets come with the costume and so do a pair of knee high boot tops. There is also a vinyl black eye mask.

Cinderella Princess Costume For Teens

Halloween only comes once a year and for teenagers and kids alike, it’s a night they can let their imagination soar. You want to make sure that you buy them the perfect costume. For many little girls, they have their hearts set on being a princess for the night. Cinderella is often thought of as a kids costume but it can be great for teens as well, especially with the popularity of shows like “Once Upon A Time”.

The different types of princesses that your daughter can be is practically endless. There are popular ones that everyone knows such as Belle or Ariel or Snow White. And then are some that are old favorites such as Sleeping Beauty.

But the most popular princess costumes right now is the Cinderella Princess Dress. Wearing this dress, your daughter will feel just like she’s headed to the magical ball. The dress is made of soft blue that easily stretches for a comfortable fit for your child.

The dress is edged in silver trim that will show off the sparkles as she moves. The top of the dress features a ruffled white center with a tiny rose attached in the center. The bodice of the dress is also lined in the sparkly silver trim.


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The dress has short sleeves that puff out and the sleeves are white rather than blue like the dress. The waist of the dress is stretchy so it can go on and off without a hassle. This dress is sturdy and long lasting and can be machine washed.

When you put it in the dryer, use only low heat. It can be ordered to fit children in small, medium, large or extra large sizing. This is a full length dress, which mean the material will drag the ground.

So if you’re going to be walking outside and you don’t want the dress to get dirty, you’ll either have to make sure that your child holds up the sides as she walks or you’ll have to fasten it in some way so it stays off the ground.

Because the dress is so full and lightweight, your child can wear warm clothes beneath it if necessary. Included with the dress is a hair bow. If you want the Cinderella tiara, you can order that separately or you can get it as part of a kit with the 3 Piece Set: White Princess Gloves with Silver Tiara,Wand and Drawstring Bag. This set has the long elbow length gloves like Cinderella wore.

Other princess costumes similar to the Cinderella one is the Little Adventures 12024 Deluxe Belle Princess Costume. There’s also the Rapunzel Princess Dress Up Costume. Both of these costumes are floor length and durable as well. They also have extra accessories that you can purchase.

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Avengers Black Widow Costume For Teenagers

When October rolls around on the calendar, you want to already be prepared with the costume that’s going to delight your child. With so many costumes at shops and online, you could look for hours trying to narrow down the right choice.

It’s easier to pick one when you know what’s popular. What’s popular this year are the superhero costumes for girls. You’ll see plenty of Batgirl costumes along with Wonder Woman costumes and Spidergirl, too.

But what hits the top of the list as the most popular this year is the Avengers Black Widow Deluxe Costume. This costume is patterned after a female superhero who’s tough and knows how to fight for what she believes in. She was a former enemy to the Avengers, but now she’s one of their best friends.

Your child will love wearing this costume. The costume itself is made of 100% polyester and it does have to be machine washed. Let it lie flat to dry it or hang it on a line outside.

This is an officially licensed product that’s made into a jumpsuit that looks like real leather. The material has a slight sheen to it. There are two belts as part of the costume. Both of these belts are detachable.

They fasten onto the costume with velcro so they remove and reapply easily. There is a buckle with the belts. Wrist cuffs are also part of this costume. It’s made to fit children’s size as small as 3T if needed.


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The black boots do not come as part of the costume and there aren’t any boot covers either, so you’ll need to provide something yourself to go with the suit. Because this costume was made in line with other Avengers costumes, there’s quite the array that you can choose from.

These heroes fought together to save the Earth so if you have a group of kids who all want to go as a character from the Avengers, then you have that option. One of these Avengers costumes is the Disguise Marvel Captain America American Dream Girl’s Tutu Prestige Costume.

This is an officially licensed costume. It features a dress with short netting sleeves. The dress is made of material that sparkles with a length that ends just above the knee. The middle part of the dress has large red and white stripes like the flag.

There’s a large white start featured prominently at the center of the dress top. The dress is deep blue in color. The tutu skirting is also blue and has red edging that goes all the way around the bottom. The headpiece has the trademark Captain America A with wings on the side. The shield is not sold together with the costume and neither are the shoes.

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Teenager Angel Costume

Finding the perfect costume can sometimes require a lot of trial and effort. You want to find a costume that’s not only creative but one that your toddler will love as well. The perfect costume for a teen means finding one that’s comfortable, easy to slip off and on and can withstand the wear and tear from an active teenager.

But the most popular teen costume for girls this year is something more halo inspiring than a princess. The most popular teenager costume is the Angel Girl Costume and it’s easy to see why.

This cute all white costume features a tulle flounced out skirt and a ruffled off the shoulder top. Along with the dress, you also get the wings with this costume. The wings are small and can easily be removed. If you want bigger wings or a more feathered look, you can buy wings separately.

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The headband supports the fluffy white halo. Since the costume doesn’t come with the leggings, you’ll want to buy those. It also doesn’t come with shoes. If you want to add to the look of the angel costume, you can purchase a toy harp to go along with it. Some parents who live in the colder areas added a white shirt beneath the costume for added warmth.

The dress is comfortable and easy to put on. Because of the tulle fabric on the skirt, you’ll need to hand wash this costume if it gets dirty. The costume also looks cute for school plays or pageants.

You also get the headband halo. There are shoes available that go with the costume but they don’t come as part of the kit. However, you can purchase the glitter flats at the same time.

If you’re looking for a longer angel costume, you can get the Haunted House Child’s Angel Costume. This one comes with the dress and has a long white sash for the waist. It also comes with a halo headband. However, if you want the wings or the wand, you’ll have to pay extra to get those.

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Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana Costume Tips

Miley Cyrus Halloween Costume Ideas

In 2014, no young celebrity has had more tabloid coverage than Miley Cyrus. The 21 year old pop star, who is the daughter of country music legend Billy Ray Cyrus, has been shocking the nation with her onstage antics, which translates into huge Halloween costume demand for October.

Miley Cyrus costumes will be all the rage – and even animals are getting into the act. Her Wrecking Ball song and subsequent video has many people creating or buying costumes that convey her controversial scenes.

One person’s doggie was dressed as a wrecking ball, and a naked Barbie was placed on its back with a chain attacked from the Barbie to the dog’s collar. But humans are adopting this character, too.

One of her other raunchy moments recently was when she took to the stage with Robin Thicke and danced provocatively with him while wearing her Twerkin Teddy suit and the “Party Finger” item.

#1Miley Cyrus Twerk Foam Finger Twerking Dance as seen on VMAs
Miley Cyrus Twerk Foam Finger Twerking Dance as seen on VMAs

#2Hannah with Pink Jacket Child Costume (10-12)
Hannah with Pink Jacket Child Costume (10-12)

#3ChildS Rock Star Long Blonde Wig
Child”S Rock Star Long Blonde Wig

This costume would be perfect for girls who are going stag to a Halloween party (make sure you also twist your hair up into two balls on top of your head) – or for couples, with the guy going dressed in a black and white striped suit like Robin Thicke was wearing.

Of course if you go dressed as Miley Cyrus, you have to get her infamous actions down pat. She likes to stick her tongue out and sometimes wink with one eye shut.

When you’re dressed as Miley this Halloween, you’ll change your saying to Twerk or Treat! And you can also carry a microphone with you in case you want to break out in a karaoke song during the night.

There are tons of costume accessories to go with her main teddy bear twerking one-piece suit. You can get jewelry, such as a teddy bear twerk necklace, watches, etc.

You can also get a pair of sunglasses like Miley wears in concert, invest in your very own wrecking ball to carry around, or have someone with you dress up as a furry stuffed animal like she has dancing with her onstage.

You’ll be the life of the party if you go dressed as Miley Cyrus this year. It’s not for wallflowers. This costume is for someone who can put themselves out there without a single ounce of shyness.

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Frozen Halloween Costumes For Teens

This past year, Frozen was one of the most popular movies for adults and kids alike. Frozen Halloween costumes are going to be some of the hottest costumes for teens and younger kids this Halloween!

Elsa is one of the few main characters of the movie and the Elsa costume is a great one. She wears a really nice light blue dress that is covered with white snowflakes. It looks quite a bit like the dress she wore in the movie while singing “Let It Go”! Any teenage girl will look like a queen since the dress is regal and quite flowy as you move.

To finish out the costume you’ll need a few accessories (that shouldn’t be too costly). Start with a tiara for their crown. Then you’ll want to get some sparkly shoes and some tights in a blue color. If you want to go all out you can find a wig that looks just like Elsa’s hair!

Another of the main characters teens will want to dress up as is Anna – Elsa’s sister. The Anna Halloween costume is pretty easy to find. It’s a really nice dress (just like Elsa’s). The blue dress is darker than the one Elsa wears. For the complete look you’ll need a cape (which comes with the official version of the costume, thankfully). The cape helps the teen or young girl stay warm while trick or treating or going to a Halloween party with friends or family.

You may want to consider a tiara for Anna’s costume as well (though it’s not necessary). There are some nice wigs that match Anna’s hair really well.

#1Santana Fashion Girls Snow Queen Costume Snow Princess Dresses - F2-Elsa (US-7/8 Elsa)
Santana Fashion Girls Snow Queen Costume Snow Princess Dresses – F2-Elsa (US-7/8 Elsa)

#2Frozen Elsas Tiara
Frozen Elsa”s Tiara

#3Disney Frozen Enchanting Dress - Anna
Disney Frozen Enchanting Dress – Anna

#4Disney Frozen Elsas Tiara and Braid
Disney Frozen Elsa”s Tiara and Braid

#5Frozen Olaf Character -Adult Costumes Pajama Onesies (Small)
Frozen Olaf Character -Adult Costumes Pajama Onesies (Small)

To really go all out and finalize both girls’ costumes there are a lot of options for jewelry in the Frozen theme. Amazon has a ton of bracelents and such to choose from.

Olaf is another great character from the Frozen movie. Teenage boys or girls could really dress up as Olaf this year. The Olaf costume is easy to figure out. You’ll need a white jumpsuit with a full hood. Wear either a brown or white t-shirt (with long sleeves) underneath the jumpsuit. You’ll also need some white boots, slippers, or booties to complete the look.

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Progressive Insurance Flo Costume For Teens

If you’re looking for a costume for Flo, the Progressive Insurance lady then you’ve come to the right place. She is one of those characters from TV (from a commercial nonetheless) that everyone seems to love. People will instantly recognize you, and fortunately her costume is easy and cheap to make up!

She’s a fun costume pick for any Halloween event and you can look just like her with a few simple accessories. The first thing you’ll want to work on is capturing Flo’s hairstyle.

It’s often described as perky and it fits her personality. Style your hair so your bangs part to the side and give your hair some extra volume in the back. For best results, try using a volume styling hair insert.

Once you’re done with that, add a simple navy headband and you’ll be well on your way to looking just like Flo. If you don’t want to style your hair like Flo’s or if you don’t have time to, you can opt for a wig that’s already styled and just add a headband to it.

Once you’ve finished with styling your hair, you’ll need the clothing part of the costume. For this, you’ll want to wear a white polo and white pants. Next, grab a white apron.

#1Progressive Flo Costume Set Standard
Progressive Flo Costume Set Standard

#2Insurance Girl Wig
Insurance Girl Wig

#3Insurance Lady Costume
Insurance Lady Costume

There are actually official aprons with Progressive’s logo available or you can use a heat transfer to put the logo on your apron if you want to do it yourself. For shoes, opt for blue sneakers. If you want to match Flo exactly, wear Navy Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers.

After you have Flo’s outfit and hair done, you’ll want to get a few accessories to complete the look. The first accessory to look for is an ‘I Heart Insurance’ pin. This badge is usually pinned to Flo’s apron on the top right side.

On the left side of the apron across from the badge is Flo’s nametag. Her nametag is white with two blocks of color above it. The first block of color is orange and the second one is blue. Flo’s name is typed in all caps using a plain font.

You’ll want to purchase a watch that’s small and has a brown leather band to match Flo’s if you don’t already have one like it. Finally, don’t forget the auto insurance box that Flo carries. You can create your own insurance box or you might be able to find one to purchase that you can use as a prop.

Now all you need to do is add some bright red lipstick and your Flo costume will be complete. If you want to match Flo’s lipstick exactly, then opt for MAC Lady Bug lipstick since it’s the official brand she wears.

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2013’s Best Halloween Costumes For Girls

Once your little girl graduates out of toddler and childhood costumes, you will likely have them giving more input about what kind of costume they want to wear for Halloween. Some parents buy more than one costume – one that meets with all school restrictions, and another for Halloween night when they go trick or treating.

The great thing about costumes for younger girls is that they like to play dress up, and make-believe play is a wonderful creative exercise for kids! So the costumes get plenty of use, not just for a single day of the year.

Disney princess costumes are always a hit for the younger girls. They love to dress up as Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Rapunzel, and other characters. This year, Merida costumes from the movie Brave will be hot sellers, too!

Younger girls also like to be superheroes, and not necessarily Wonder Woman! Manufacturers have turned almost any superhero costume into a girl’s option these days, so there are Spidergirl and Supergirl costumes, too. There’s even an Ironette Ironman costume for girls, since that’s been the hit superhero movie for several years in a row now.

Wreck It Ralph has been a top movie for 2013, so you can bet that Vanellope Von Schweetz costumes will be popular among the younger girls. Any time there’s a hot Disney movie or other film, look for your child to ask about dressing up like those top characters!

This year, Monster High costumes will be big again for the tween and younger crowd. Lagoona Blue, Frankie Stein and Clawdeen Wolf are always the top sellers. You might have to buy the wigs separately, because many of the costumes are for the clothing and jewelry accessories only.

Vampires are still big with the tween and older crowd now. Ever since the movie Twilight came out – and the follow-up movies, girls all around the world have been in love with the idea of dressing up as Bella for a day and pretending to be the apple of Edward and Jacob’s eyes.

You’ll need to watch it on the vampire girls’ costumes, though. Some of them are modest, but others are what some parents might consider inappropriate. You’ll need to make that call for yourself.

Zombies are the other scary costume that girls love to wear. From zombie cheerleaders to zombie brides, these walking dead characters are more popular than ever – and they can be bought from barely gory to over the top disgusting!

Of course, some teenaged girls will want to don a more adult looking costume. They like dressing up in retro outfits from the 60s and 80s, for example. Some of them want to be flappers from the 20s.

Even character costumes are a hit with older teen girls. They like to dress up as the Mad Hatter or Alice in Wonderland. There are several really cute Mad Hatter costumes for girls – they’re fashionable and not too cheesy.

And let’s not forget Katniss from The Hunger Games. The second movie (Catching Fire) is scheduled for a November release, and although it’s after Halloween, the buzz is already building for it!


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