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8 DIY Homemade Halloween Costumes For Kids or Teens

Halloween costumes: great for kids, moderately nightmarish for parents. All those catalogs and stores have cute costumes, sure, but the prices aren’t so nice. Yikes! But with some household items, a little online shopping and ingenuity, you can make this year’s Halloween costume the best yet. Here are some great ideas for easy homemade (and cost-efficient!) Halloween costumes that anyone can make.

The Cardboard Standout
These ideas are probably the simplest costumes in the history of homemade Halloween costumes. Check the forecast for rain; then collect some cardboard (boxes, toilet paper/paper towel rolls, etc.), duct tape, spray paint, Sharpie® markers, glitter, and anything else you want to add. Summon your powers of creativity and get ready to craft a cool costume that will be the talk of the neighborhood. Consider some of these cardboard options:

      LEGO figure or LEGO piece
      Thomas the Train
      Mario Kart
      An Oversized iPod
      Jack in the Box
      A Regal Throne for His/Her Highness
      Juice Box, Bag of Popcorn, etc.
        An Airplane, A Dinosaur, or A Brown Knight (three classics)


        Anything else you and your child can think up!

    The Littlest Flowerpot
    Here is a great Halloween costume idea for toddlers and younger kids. Keep your little one warm in a green turtle shirt and green tights. Spray paint a large popcorn bucket brown for the flower pot. Find a bonnet or something similar; cut flower petals out of construction paper or poster board and hot glue around the edge of the bonnet. And done! Now you’ve got a simple costume and an adorable little flower pot.

    Superheroes to the rescue
    Get a basic cape and make whatever Superhero logo your child wants to be out of colored cloth. Add tights or sweat pants, and they are ready to go.

    This idea is general enough that you can really have fun with it and get super creative. Use colorful face paint and get an inexpensive pair of wings and you are set.

    Little Miss Red Riding Hood
    Follow the cape idea from the suggestion above and add a basket. Include a cute dress and some red tights and the look will be complete.

    Bride of Frankenstein
    All you need is a black dress, some spooky white makeup, and A LOT of hair spray. Have fun washing that out in the morning.

    The Baker
    An apron or an actual chef’s coat will be perfect for this costume. Have your little baker carry around a spoon or whisk and then the look is complete!

    Cinderella is always in vogue. And if you want to copy this year’s Cinderella look, instead of recreating her ball gown, why not do her work clothes? A blue dress, an apron and a white kerchief for your little girl’s hair will do nicely.

    These 10 ideas are a good starting point for any self-respecting DIY-er. But really your options are 10-fold. Thinking up the costume ideas and then executing them are the best part of Halloween.

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    Deluxe Renaissance Woman’s Costume For Teenagers

    With Halloween already on the horizon, the best time to browse and buy your costume is now. When you’re a woman looking for the perfect costume, you want to first decide the type that you’re going for. This costume is great for teens and adults alike!  The bundle below from Amazon has the boots and the dress together!

    Are you looking for something funny or serious? Something modern or old fashioned? Some of the most popular costumes this year are related to older time periods in history such as the ones that feature kings, queens and knights in shining armor.

    But the most popular costume for women this year is the Deluxe Renaissance Lady Costume and it’s sure to garner you plenty of compliments. This is a floor length dress in a rich purple color.

    The material of the dress is crushed velvet and it has plenty of give to it, which means the dress will fit different body sizes quite well. The dress does offer plenty of warmth so you’ll be able to fight the chill of the night if you live in a colder climate.

    The front sides of the dress are lined with a thin ribbon of material that’s set on a pale background. This allows the design on the material to stand out. The bodice of the dress is done in a corset style and features several rows of lacing.

    Get This Costume From Amazon

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    These tie into a bow at the very last row. The neckline of the costume is a square neck that’s decorated in the same material that lines the front of the dress. This is a long sleeve dress and the sleeves end in wide sleeves like the women wore back in the medieval times.

    Around the upper arms on each sleeve are bands that feature the same design as shown on the front of the dress. The headband and shoes do not come as part of this costume but can be purchased separately.

    If you’re looking for a renaissance costume in another style, you might want to consider the California Costumes Women’s Lady In Waiting costume. This is also a floor length dress that’s made of 100% polyester.

    The dress comes with an underskirt. The top layer of the dress is royal purple while the bottom layer is green. The top of this costume is green trimmed in white ribbon at the collar and waist. The sides of the top are in the same purple color as the skirt.

    The sleeves of the top are long and are in green with the same design that’s featured as is shown on the center of the top. Overlaying the sleeves are royal purple wing sleeves that are puffed at each of the tops. A gold crown with jewels is included with this costume.

    Last Minute HomeMade Halloween Costumes For Kids

    Although you may try to plan your child’s Halloween costume as far in advance as possible, we all know just how unexpectedly the need for a costume can crop up. Perhaps your child is refusing to wear what you already bought her? Or maybe it just slipped her mind to tell you about one of the parties she’s been invited to? Instead of making your child wear the same Halloween costume twice, take a look at these last minute Halloween costumes for kids and see if there’s something you can put together quickly.


    This costume isn’t the most imaginative of last minute Halloween costumes for kids, but sometimes you just have to make do if you don’t have the time! Thankfully it’s still a Halloween classic, even if it is simple. For the ghost costume you’ll need a plain sheet with cut-out eye holes. Make sure you trim the sheet so your child won’t trip over the ends.


    This clever Halloween costume for kids is one of the easiest to put together, but it’ll still get people talking. All you need to do is blow up a photocopied image of a quarter coin and fix it to some card. Attach this to the back of whatever your child is wearing and you’ll have an instant “quarterback”.


    This is always a fun last minute idea! If you’ve got bandages, or even toilet roll, to hand then wrap it around your child to turn them into an Egyptian mummy for the evening.

    Cardboard Box Costumes

    You’d be surprised at how creative you can get with a cardboard box! One ultra-simple costume is to wrap a cardboard box in wrapping paper, cut out holes for the arms and legs, and have your child dress as a gift box. You can take the cardboard box idea even further if you’ve got a little time to paint it. Your child could go as an iPod, a lego brick, a pizza box or any other famous box design.

    Something From Your Wardrobe

    If you really can’t think of anything else, then sometimes your own clothing makes great last minute Halloween costumes for kids. You may have to make a few quick adjustments, but this is a good way to pull together a vintage-inspired outfit if you can find something in there that you’ve had for quite a while! Or you could even dress your kids up in old office clothing and let them attend the party as a businessperson. Similarly, you could have a rummage through your jewelry collection to find anything suitable for a costume.

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    Welcome To The Best Halloween Costumes For Teens

    Welcome to the new best website for the Best Halloween Costumes For Teens.  Over the coming days we will continually be adding more and more costumes specially designed for teenagers who will either be trick or treating or going to some fun Halloween get togethers!

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