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Easy The Lego Movie Costumes Ideas For Kids And Teenagers

The Lego Movie Costumes are easy to make for teens and kids! This movie was a laugh out loud fun adventure that features many memorable characters that are perfect for emulating for Halloween. First up is Emmet who in a case of mistaken identity is thought to be the one who has to join a group of other characters to save the world.

The fact that Emmet is not that type of character makes the movie funnier. But Emmet could certainly rule on Halloween. His construction worker costume is a fairly simple one, but definitely stands out.

His costume is an orange pair of pants and top. The top is actually a safety vest and not really a shirt. It has the wide white stripes with a right pocket for holding a pen.

The vee neck vest dips open to show Emmet’s blue, long sleeved, open collar shirt beneath it. Topping the uniform is his bright red hard hat. If you wanted to be really authentic, you could use yellow body paint to color your hands and face to go along with the uniform.

Next up is Wyldstyle. Her costume gives a nod to her tough style shown in the movie. First, at a glance, she’s clad in head to toe black. The bottom of the costume is a pair of plain black pants.

#1ERB 19954 Omega II Cap Style Hard Hat with Mega Ratchet Red
ERB 19954 Omega II Cap Style Hard Hat with Mega Ratchet Red

#2KIDS USC Ghast String Raver Dance Pants
KIDS USC Ghast String Raver Dance Pants

#3Mr. Blockhead Kids Costume
Mr. Blockhead Kids Costume

The top is a zippered leather looking hoodie with the hood left hanging down the back. The main decorations on her costume are on the right side. There’s a mixture of blue and kind of pink/mauve design all tangled together almost in a line or slash style.

For the hair, you can either go with a black wig that has the one wide pink and one wide blue stripe, or you can use your natural hair and some of that Halloween hair color spray.

Though there are many versions of the Batman costume like the figurine has in the movie, you can get the same one. This costume is black from head to toe. The starkness of the black is broken only by the background yellow behind the bat emblem and the yellow of the belt. This costume has a cape and a soft hooded mask with the pointed ears. Accessories are available with this costume.

Vitruvius, the wise wizard has a more complicated costume. His costume is a pair of blue pants paired with a shirt that looks almost like a tie-dye shirt. He has a long, flowing white robe with brown tassels at the bottom front.

A blue cape is also part of his costume. To get his long white hair and long white beard look, you can buy these as separate pieces but don’t forget the headband that he wears. If you want to get that white look to the eyes, you can get glasses with white lenses.

The Benny character has a costume that’s a blue jumpsuit with a gray moon logo on the torso. The space helmet has an open front.

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Frozen Halloween Costumes For Teens

This past year, Frozen was one of the most popular movies for adults and kids alike. Frozen Halloween costumes are going to be some of the hottest costumes for teens and younger kids this Halloween!

Elsa is one of the few main characters of the movie and the Elsa costume is a great one. She wears a really nice light blue dress that is covered with white snowflakes. It looks quite a bit like the dress she wore in the movie while singing “Let It Go”! Any teenage girl will look like a queen since the dress is regal and quite flowy as you move.

To finish out the costume you’ll need a few accessories (that shouldn’t be too costly). Start with a tiara for their crown. Then you’ll want to get some sparkly shoes and some tights in a blue color. If you want to go all out you can find a wig that looks just like Elsa’s hair!

Another of the main characters teens will want to dress up as is Anna – Elsa’s sister. The Anna Halloween costume is pretty easy to find. It’s a really nice dress (just like Elsa’s). The blue dress is darker than the one Elsa wears. For the complete look you’ll need a cape (which comes with the official version of the costume, thankfully). The cape helps the teen or young girl stay warm while trick or treating or going to a Halloween party with friends or family.

You may want to consider a tiara for Anna’s costume as well (though it’s not necessary). There are some nice wigs that match Anna’s hair really well.

#1Santana Fashion Girls Snow Queen Costume Snow Princess Dresses - F2-Elsa (US-7/8 Elsa)
Santana Fashion Girls Snow Queen Costume Snow Princess Dresses – F2-Elsa (US-7/8 Elsa)

#2Frozen Elsas Tiara
Frozen Elsa”s Tiara

#3Disney Frozen Enchanting Dress - Anna
Disney Frozen Enchanting Dress – Anna

#4Disney Frozen Elsas Tiara and Braid
Disney Frozen Elsa”s Tiara and Braid

#5Frozen Olaf Character -Adult Costumes Pajama Onesies (Small)
Frozen Olaf Character -Adult Costumes Pajama Onesies (Small)

To really go all out and finalize both girls’ costumes there are a lot of options for jewelry in the Frozen theme. Amazon has a ton of bracelents and such to choose from.

Olaf is another great character from the Frozen movie. Teenage boys or girls could really dress up as Olaf this year. The Olaf costume is easy to figure out. You’ll need a white jumpsuit with a full hood. Wear either a brown or white t-shirt (with long sleeves) underneath the jumpsuit. You’ll also need some white boots, slippers, or booties to complete the look.

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Dracula Untold Costumes For Teenagers

Like many years, Dracula costumes will be pretty popular this year. Many people don’t know that the Prince Vlad lived in Romania and was given the name Dracula which some say means “Son of Dracul” while others say it means “Son of a dragon.”

Regardless of the meaning, the name Dracula has struck fear in the hearts of people who became acquainted with the name thanks to Bram Stoker’s book froms o long ago.

Vampire costumes from Dracula Untold will be great for teenagers of all ages this year!

The story of Dracula has been retold many times since teh late 1800s. Dracula Untold is one version of such a retelling.

This is a movie that’s supposed to release close to Halloween and is guaranteed to chase chills up your spine. The creep factor to this movie and character is more fitting with a horror film and dials up the dread so much more than other retellings.

Luke Evans is the actor who plays the character of Vlad Tepes based on Prince Vlad or Vlad the Impaler as he was called. In the movie, it explores the world of Vlad Tepes before and up to him becoming the fearsome character. The movie has a gray, dark tone to the settings as well as with the costumes.

Unlike the cartoonish Dracula costumes you’ll sometimes see on the market, the one worn in the movie is quite stylish. The color of Dracula’s clothes are gray or black starting with the character even before he’s known as Dracula.

#1California Costumes Mens Very Cool Vampire Costume
California Costumes Men”s Very Cool Vampire Costume

#2California Costumes Womens Blood Thirsty Beauty Costume
California Costumes Women”s Blood Thirsty Beauty Costume

#3Seasons Mens Deluxe Vampire Makeup Kit (Adult)
Seasons Men”s Deluxe Vampire Makeup Kit (Adult)

As Vlad, the character manages to create an empathetic feel due to his strong feelings for the world he rules and those he cares about. When he’s in character, you’ll find this character’s costume to be dark, long sleeves shirts that look blue-gray in color paired with dark pants.

As Dracula, the costume is a long, flowing black cape similar to the ones you’ve seen in the other Dracula stories. There’s also a button up, dark vest in a silky material – and a neck scarf is worn at times.

Though the character of Dracula does have fangs in this movie, it’s not the fake looking ones from movies past. These look real and very fearsome. You’ll find that some of the Dracula costumes advertise the fangs along with a cape and black boot covers while with other costumes, you have to buy each piece as an individual one.

Another one of the costumes from the movie is a cloak more than a cape. It has large sleeves and is more of a dark gray than black. There’s a gray vest with this one and large black cravat tied in a bow. The white shirt that goes under the vest does not come with this costume.

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Katniss Everdeen Costumes From Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen Costume

There will be a lot of women and girls wearing Katniss Everdeen costumes this Halloween! In the Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen is a heroine that knows how to use a bow and arrow to take care of herself and the people that she loves.

She knows how to survive great odds. Starting out as an underdog, she quickly rises to the top and becomes a fan favorite in the annual games that the Capitol forces the people from the Districts to compete in.

The book became a blockbuster movie and everyone from tweens to adults wanted to emulate the strength and character of Katniss. This Halloween is the perfect time to show what a fan you are of this plucky teenager who ends up fighting back and winning against the system that would rather destroy her.

One of the most notable things about the character of course, is her thick, luxurious hair – but you don’t have to have long hair to emulate the way this character wears hers. Since her trademark is to wear her long hair in a braid, you can buy wigs that have the long braid in the back like she does and yet allows some of the bangs to flow free and frame both sides of the face.

Since Katniss didn’t really wear makeup, but had flawless skin, you’ll want to use some makeup to make sure you take away any shine, but keep it as natural as possible. If you want to add even more authenticity, you can add some smears of dirt – like you just got back from competing in the games or just came home from being in the woods searching for food.

Katniss wore a dark hoodie before she went to the capital and had to wear the sizzling dress for her debut, and she also wore the hoodie during the actual games – so to be in character, you’d probably want to stick with a dark hoodie without any designs or logos. You can find a replica hoodie from the movie online.

Remember that you want to keep all of the colors of her clothes muted shades. So choose dark pants and a dark shirt. You’ll also want additional props, like the Mockingjay pendant – since that plays an important part in the story. You can add District 12 jewelry to show association with the character’s district.

For you feet, you’ll want to get the black lace up boots that look sort of like combat boots. Of course, you can’t forget one of the most notable accessories and that’s the bow and arrow set. You can find replicas of the set online.

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Bane Batman Costume 2012

Bane Mask HalloweenSince his arrival in the early 90s, Bane has gripped fans of Batman for quite awhile and a Bane costume will be in big demand this Halloween season. You sort of feel sorry for the kid version of him, who had a teddy bear with him in the prison until you start to see how hardened this character is.

NOTE: If you are looking for the Star Wars Bane Costume, you will find it here!

A powerful villain with a cunning mind, the character of Bane actually has a lot of depth. He’s most famous for being the grotesque looking villain who severely injured Batman by breaking his spine.

Bane is a huge, frightening villain, which of course makes him a great choice to choose as a character for your Halloween festivities. One of the most notable things about Bane is the scary headpiece he wears. It’s this part of the villain that makes him stand out.

Now you can have that same creepy headpiece yourself, but don’t place it where you can see it in the dark because it’s freaky looking and scary to stumble on in the middle of the night.

The front of the headpiece resembles the way a spider has the front pieces of his mouth. They’re short and fat like a spider and branch out and down toward the mouth that looks like a speaker. It fits over the head and fastens around the back. The fit is snug so it won’t come loose while you’re at a party or taking kids door to door.

But one thing’s for sure, you’re going to get plenty of attention with this headpiece. People will want to look away but will stare at it out of horrified fascination. The piece is made of plastic, so it wears well and is long lasting.

The look of the mask is true to form for what the actual villain wears. Of course, if you want to look bulked up like this bad to the bone villain, you can wear a muscle costume to look more beefy.

For the portrayal of the character, some pictures show him in what looks like combat gear – complete with a below the thigh outer coat – all of which are available online. You’ll want a vest to go under the coat, and though Bane wears an armored vest, those are super expensive – hundreds of dollars.

You can get the same look by buying an interceptor vest or using a chest harness or a SWAT vest. For the shoes, you’ll need to use a pair of combat boots in a dark color. If you want to get replicas, you can order those online.

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Best Movie Themed Halloween Costumes This Year!

This year was a fantastic year for movies which, in turn, means a great selection of new Halloween costume ideas! Although you could go with the old favorites, why not try a costume that’s fresh in everyone’s minds this year? Here are five of the best movie-inspired costumes for 2011.

1) Captain America

Captain America is the only superhero costume that’ll let you show off your patriotic side this Halloween! His distinctive costume features the colors red, blue and white in the form of star and stripe patterns. Captain America’s main weapon, beyond his amazing physical strength, is his famous indestructible shield. Why not opt for this superhero theme for 2011?

[affmage source=”amazon” results=”1″]captain america adult 23 deluxe metal shield[/affmage]

2) Green Lantern

The Green Lantern movie has created renewed interest in these famous comic book characters. The Green Lantern costume is, not surprisingly, all green and lit up on the chest. But to really complete the look, you’ll want to get hold of the ultimate weapon: the light up Green Lantern ring. Why not team up with a few friends and go as Hal Jordan, Kilowog and Tomar Re?

3) Black Swan

The Black Swan movie wowed audiences in 2010 with its stunning choreography and uncomfortable psychological themes. For Halloween 2011, why not choose to dress as the dark side of yourself, in the form of the Black Swan? This costume plays on the traditional ballet outfit – it’s all in black with the distinctive black feather makeup over the eyes.

4) Tron Legacy

The 2011 Tron Legacy movie took the original Tron costumes to the next level, with futuristic light up suits. Although it might not be easy to make your costume light up for Halloween, you can still recreate the general look with a black jumpsuit and some reflective tape. You can’t fail to impress people in this costume from a virtual world.

5) Sucker Punch

We chose to include the Sucker Punch movie for the fifth spot simply because it finally provides some excellent costume inspiration for women! Most main characters are male, as are the officially licensed costumes available to buy. Although women can choose to adapt the male costumes, choosing a theme like Sucker Punch gives you a lot more to work with. The dancers in this movie are excellent at fighting, and all have unique feminine, yet tough, outfits for you to choose from.

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Harry Potter Halloween Costumes

JK Rowling’s Harry Potter was already a huge success with both children and adults before the movies were released, but after every big hit movie the popularity of the series has just grown and grown! The last movie was released in 2009, and you can bet that you’re going to be seeing plenty of Harrys, Hermiones and Rons around this Halloween!

Harry Potter Costume Ideas

There are many Harry Potter costume ideas for you to choose from, but the first, and most popular, is the Gryffindor robe. Wearing the long black robe will help you to recreate any of your favorite Gryffindor characters. You can either make it yourself or buy it in adult or child sizes.

A more adventurous idea for your Harry Potter Halloween costume is to replicate the Quidditch game. There are a number of accessories for this, but the first thing you’ll need is the Quidditch robe. The officially licensed Quidditch costume comes with the crimson robe with attached hood, front laces, Gryffindor crest and yellow side strips. Buy it alongside the Quidditch Child Helmet and broom and you’ll be set to go!

Harry Potter Costumes

Next up there are a few of the darker characters. These can all be made by buying long black robes and customizing them, or you can buy the officially licensed Harry Potter Costumes for:
* The Death Eater (female, male, adult and child are all available),
* The Dementor (adult and child),
* Voldemort (leader of the death eaters, available in adult and child).

Harry Potter Costume Accessories

There are a few important Harry Potter costume accessories that you might want to get hold of if you want your outfit to be authentic:
* Harry Potter Glasses: No Harry Potter is complete without his round glasses!
* Gryffindor Tie: Worn by those in the house of Gryffindor.
* Gryffindor Scarf: Including the Gryffindor emblem and classic stripes.
* Harry Potter Wand: A wizard isn’t complete without their wand!
* Student Hat: Students at Hogwarts are all required to wear their pointy hat.
* Harry Potter Broom: The official broom accessory is the perfect way to complete the outfit and pretend you can fly!

You might want to attempt to make your own Harry Potter Costumes and Accessories, and it isn’t difficult to get girls and boys looking like the famous wizard. You’ll need to get your hands on a black robe or cloak, maybe even an old graduation gown, for starters. Then you’ll need the wizard hat and magic wand to complete the accessories.

For the distinctive Harry Potter look, get hold of a pair of very round circular lens glasses and then add that special lightning bolt scar! This basic costume can easily be adapted for any of the main characters.

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Kick Ass Halloween Costumes

Kick Ass Halloween costumes are going to be huge this year thanks to the phenomenal success of this controversial movie. Superheroes are always among the top kind of characters used for any Halloween party, but if you want to dress up as a superhero with a difference then why not choose a Kick Ass style costume and become a superhero that doesn’t actually have any super powers?!

That’s right: the superheroes in Kick Ass are just regular people like you and me! They don’t have any notable “super powers” but they do have some awesome weapons and fighting moves to get rid of evil gangsters! Shockingly, even kids get to play with guns in this movie!
There are quite a few officially licensed Kick Ass Halloween costumes available to buy if you want the easiest and most impressive option. These costumes are only available for adults. After all, it was a very adult movie that shouldn’t really be replicated by young people! Continue reading Kick Ass Halloween Costumes

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A Team Costumes For This Year

If you are still undecided about your Halloween costume this year then you should consider some of the many A Team costumes. Like the other costumes featured here it will be a popular choice. Costumes based on the characters from the A Team have always been a stand-by choice but the new movie in 2010 is bound to make them have a resurgence! Unfortunately there aren’t many fully official costumes that are licensed by the company that owns the rights to the A Team merchandise. Designing your own A Team costume is pretty simple though! The keys are to have the right accessories (fake weapons and military stuff) and to work up an act that mimics the personality of the character you are dressing up as!

A Team Costumes: Hannibal
Hannibal is the well known leader of the A Team. To get this costume down perfectly you need to remember to have a cigar handy and to always wear black gloves! Continue reading A Team Costumes For This Year

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How To Train Your Dragon Costumes

For the 2011 Halloween year, one of the popular choices will be How To Train Your Dragon costumes. Think about how the movie rocked the box office this year and you’ll easily see why costumes based on this movie will likely sell out at stores this year. One of the top costumes for teens will be dragon killer costumes and another one will be dragon trainer costumes for teens! In all honesty, Astrid costumes are great for kids and teens alike! Both can be the hit of a party or trick or treating group of friends.

In the movie How To Train Your Dragon, Hiccup is a viking boy who grew up trying to train to be a dragon killer. Instead, he forms a strong bond with one of his arch enemies – a dragon! Of course he cannot tell anyone about this until Astrid (a friendly girl) discovers his secret. Together they go on wonderful journeys.

When it comes to How To Train Your Dragon costumes, there aren’t many full-fledged costume options, but there are a bunch of party supplies that can easily be joined with ‘unofficial’ dragon trainer costumes for a great party! Some options include party favor kits, paper dragon hats, and even a deluxe party kit. These are great for parties aimed at young teens! Continue reading How To Train Your Dragon Costumes

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