Harry Potter Halloween Costumes

JK Rowling’s Harry Potter was already a huge success with both children and adults before the movies were released, but after every big hit movie the popularity of the series has just grown and grown! The last movie was released in 2009, and you can bet that you’re going to be seeing plenty of Harrys, Hermiones and Rons around this Halloween!

Harry Potter Costume Ideas

There are many Harry Potter costume ideas for you to choose from, but the first, and most popular, is the Gryffindor robe. Wearing the long black robe will help you to recreate any of your favorite Gryffindor characters. You can either make it yourself or buy it in adult or child sizes.

A more adventurous idea for your Harry Potter Halloween costume is to replicate the Quidditch game. There are a number of accessories for this, but the first thing you’ll need is the Quidditch robe. The officially licensed Quidditch costume comes with the crimson robe with attached hood, front laces, Gryffindor crest and yellow side strips. Buy it alongside the Quidditch Child Helmet and broom and you’ll be set to go!

Harry Potter Costumes

Next up there are a few of the darker characters. These can all be made by buying long black robes and customizing them, or you can buy the officially licensed Harry Potter Costumes for:
* The Death Eater (female, male, adult and child are all available),
* The Dementor (adult and child),
* Voldemort (leader of the death eaters, available in adult and child).

Harry Potter Costume Accessories

There are a few important Harry Potter costume accessories that you might want to get hold of if you want your outfit to be authentic:
* Harry Potter Glasses: No Harry Potter is complete without his round glasses!
* Gryffindor Tie: Worn by those in the house of Gryffindor.
* Gryffindor Scarf: Including the Gryffindor emblem and classic stripes.
* Harry Potter Wand: A wizard isn’t complete without their wand!
* Student Hat: Students at Hogwarts are all required to wear their pointy hat.
* Harry Potter Broom: The official broom accessory is the perfect way to complete the outfit and pretend you can fly!

You might want to attempt to make your own Harry Potter Costumes and Accessories, and it isn’t difficult to get girls and boys looking like the famous wizard. You’ll need to get your hands on a black robe or cloak, maybe even an old graduation gown, for starters. Then you’ll need the wizard hat and magic wand to complete the accessories.

For the distinctive Harry Potter look, get hold of a pair of very round circular lens glasses and then add that special lightning bolt scar! This basic costume can easily be adapted for any of the main characters.

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