How To Train Your Dragon Costumes

For the 2011 Halloween year, one of the popular choices will be How To Train Your Dragon costumes. Think about how the movie rocked the box office this year and you’ll easily see why costumes based on this movie will likely sell out at stores this year. One of the top costumes for teens will be dragon killer costumes and another one will be dragon trainer costumes for teens! In all honesty, Astrid costumes are great for kids and teens alike! Both can be the hit of a party or trick or treating group of friends.

In the movie How To Train Your Dragon, Hiccup is a viking boy who grew up trying to train to be a dragon killer. Instead, he forms a strong bond with one of his arch enemies – a dragon! Of course he cannot tell anyone about this until Astrid (a friendly girl) discovers his secret. Together they go on wonderful journeys.

When it comes to How To Train Your Dragon costumes, there aren’t many full-fledged costume options, but there are a bunch of party supplies that can easily be joined with ‘unofficial’ dragon trainer costumes for a great party! Some options include party favor kits, paper dragon hats, and even a deluxe party kit. These are great for parties aimed at young teens!

Viking Costumes From How To Train Your Dragon
Despite there not being many officially endorsed costumes, there are plenty of options available for viking costumes! One quick way is to get a great Viking helmetand make the rest of the costume yourself. Or, you can get a full-body Viking Costume for teens! Whatever you go with, be sure to have a proper Viking shield to finish off the costume properly!

Want A Dragon Costume? How About A Night Fury Costume!

While there are a variety of dragons in the movie, the main dragon type is Night Fury. These are very smart, but very rare at the same time! Any dark dragon costume that comes with huge wings and bright yellow eyes will be an awesome Night Fury Halloween costume for teens this year! If you would prefer to go with a more typical dragon costume from How To Train Your Dragon, then you can choose a costume with smaller wings and be a Gronkle. Deadly Nadders have blue crests on them while Monstrous Nightmares are spiny and BIG! The Red Death dragon is a main enemy character from How To Train Your Dragon. This costume would be sick!

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