Iron Man 2 Halloween Costumes For Teens

Iron Man 2 (2010) Movie - Iron Man Mark 6 Light Up Deluxe Adult Costume

In 2010, Iron Man 2 was one of the most awaited movies!  Thanks to this, it is pretty much guaranteed that Iron Man 2 Halloween costumes will be big hits at parties and among trick-or-treaters.  There are a lot of different Iron Man 2 Costumes that you are sure to love this year.

Iron Man 2 Costumes

Ever since the first Iron Man movie, this character has become one of the most hit movie superheroes.  Marvel comics really hit strong with Iron Man.  While Iron Man 1 costumes were great, you’re sure to love the ones based on the sequel movie!  They’re even better than the original costumes.

The most likely costume to sell out early this year is the upgraded Iron Man Mark 6 Classic Muscle Costume.  This is an upgraded version of the Iron Man 2 costume based on the movies (instead of the ones made from the comic costumes).  This costume has a few varieties, but teenagers will likely want the one with extra muscles (how else can you impress your friends!).  These come with jumpsuit and mask.

If you want one of the best versions of this Iron Man 2 costume then go for the light up one! It comes with a light up arc reactor.

Other options for costumes from Iron Man 2 are the War Machine costume which comes with muscle jumpsuit and mask as well as the Whiplash Halloween costume (which includes a chest piece and fake whips).  Whatever one you choose, your authentic costumes will be a hit!

Iron Man 2 Halloween Costume Accessories

The Iron Man mask is a good start for a less expensive costume for Halloween 2010.  Add an Iron Man shirt and mask pack for teenagers.  A more fun and exciting way might be to buy a Iron Man Helmet!

Iron Man 2 Costumes for Women

Do you want to match your costume to a male friend’s?  Well you’re in luck because there are some options for you!  One includes the Black Widow Spy Costume.  This costume comes complete with cuffs, belt, and full jumpsuit!  A fun choice could be the “Ironette” costume.  This one is just like the Iron Man 2 costume, but designed to be for teen girls!  Your friends will love it!


Iron Man 2 Movie - War Machine Classic Muscle Adult Iron Man 2 (2010) Movie - Iron Man Adult Helmet

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