Kick Ass Halloween Costumes

Kick Ass Halloween costumes are going to be huge this year thanks to the phenomenal success of this controversial movie. Superheroes are always among the top kind of characters used for any Halloween party, but if you want to dress up as a superhero with a difference then why not choose a Kick Ass style costume and become a superhero that doesn’t actually have any super powers?!

That’s right: the superheroes in Kick Ass are just regular people like you and me! They don’t have any notable “super powers” but they do have some awesome weapons and fighting moves to get rid of evil gangsters! Shockingly, even kids get to play with guns in this movie!
There are quite a few officially licensed Kick Ass Halloween costumes available to buy if you want the easiest and most impressive option. These costumes are only available for adults. After all, it was a very adult movie that shouldn’t really be replicated by young people!

Get a Great Kick Ass Costume

The choice for guys is to dress as the hero the movie is named after: Kick Ass. Kick Ass designed his own suit, choosing a green color with bright yellow lines through it. It also includes the important mask so as not to reveal his true identity! The costume comes with the standard jumpsuit, or you can get the Deluxe version for high quality gloves and a more realistic suit.

Hit Girl Costumes

Hit Girl was, arguably, the real star of the movie. Just a child but capable of so many awesome moves! She was able to take out a whole room of men twice her size! This is the option for teen girls who want a costume based on the movie. The standard version includes the plaid skirt, jacket, cape, wig, eye mask and Hit Girl Belt. The Deluxe Version also includes foam lined gloves to make the costume more authentic.

Other Kick Ass Costume Ideas

The great thing about Kick Ass Halloween costume ideas is that they’re virtually unlimited. Why? Because the whole premise of Kick Ass is that ordinary people get to become their own unique superhero. Why don’t you come up with your own unique superhero name and costume? You could base a whole party around this theme, and get everyone you invite to invent their own superhero characters!

And don’t forget to get a  fake weapon to truly replicate the Kick Ass look this Halloween!  Kick Ass had nun-chucks while Hit Girl had a sword.

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