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A Team Costumes For This Year

If you are still undecided about your Halloween costume this year then you should consider some of the many A Team costumes. Like the other costumes featured here it will be a popular choice. Costumes based on the characters from the A Team have always been a stand-by choice but the new movie in 2010 is bound to make them have a resurgence! Unfortunately there aren’t many fully official costumes that are licensed by the company that owns the rights to the A Team merchandise. Designing your own A Team costume is pretty simple though! The keys are to have the right accessories (fake weapons and military stuff) and to work up an act that mimics the personality of the character you are dressing up as!

A Team Costumes: Hannibal
Hannibal is the well known leader of the A Team. To get this costume down perfectly you need to remember to have a cigar handy and to always wear black gloves! Continue reading A Team Costumes For This Year

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