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DC Superheroes Supergirl Teen Costume

Long gone are the times when superheroes are just for boys!  There’s a huge market now for costumes made after the crime fighting heroines shown on the big screen. With all of the choices available, you might find it hard to narrow down your choice.

You can go with something like the Black Widow superhero from the Avenger’s movie, which is a very popular option this year thanks to the blockbuster appeal of the movie franchise.

Or you can pick the most popular costume on the chart this year and that’s the DC Superheroes Supergirl Teen Costume. This is an officially licensed product. It’s made of 100% polyester and has to be hand washed.

The costume is a fun and sexy costume better suited for older teens. The short red skirt is above the mid thigh in length. The material of the skirt shimmers with movement as well as when it’s in the light. The top of the skirt has a waistband of gold.

The shirt is made in a royal blue color. It features gold trim at the hem of the shirt. The shirt is long sleeved and the sleeves end in an angle rather than a straight line. These ends are also trimmed in a thin band of gold.

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In the center of the top is the easily recognizable Superman logo done in the famous outlined red S on a background of yellow. This shirt is a crop top that ends several inches above the waist.

Attached to the shirt at the neckline is the trademark red cape. The cape ends right at the waist area. There are shiny boot covers trimmed at the top in gold that are also part of this costume. The sizing for this outfit tends to run on the smaller size. So it’ll easily fit a teenager who has a waist size of between 22 to 24 inches.

Because Superman was a member of the fictional Justice League, there are tons of other superheroes that joined him and Supergirl in fighting crime and restoring justice for the people.

Among these heroes was Batgirl. Now your teen can replicate the look with the Batman Teen Batgirl Costume. This is an officially licensed costume that’s made of vinyl rather than polyester.

The sleeveless dress ends in a short above the knee length. The edges of the skirt are done in a jagged design. There is an off the shoulder cape that hangs about waist length and is attached to the top of the dress.

A wide yellow belt decorates the middle part of the dress and the yellow Batman logo sits in the middle of the top part of the costume. Hands free glovelets come with the costume and so do a pair of knee high boot tops. There is also a vinyl black eye mask.