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Gary the Snail Infant Costume

Gary, the popular character on Spongebob Square Pants, comes alive when your baby starts his or her Halloween night in this adorable and unique infant costume. Multi-colored and sized to have room for layered clothing underneath, this costume is sure to be the hit of the party and keep your baby warm on that crisp autumn eve.

The headset of the costume sprouts antennas that will delight everyone as they bounce and jiggle with every move your baby makes. An added bonus is that youll have the cutest pictures to put in your memory book or send to relatives and friends.

Dont worry about changing diapers while your baby is ensconced in the infant snail costume. Its made with a zipper that allows easy access without the frustration of having to take him completely out of the costume.

The footsies that are part of the costume keep your babys feet warm and cozy. If its a cold night, the footsies are roomy enough to allow socks and even shoes underneath. Gary the Snail infant costume fits babies up to approximately 18 months. The attachable shell is approximately 11 inches and can be taken off or added to the costume with its Velcro fastener.

Ordering Halloween costumes online is one way to ensure that you not only get the exact costume you want, but it will be unique and wont look like every other child whos parents shop for costumes at party stores. Youll also get the exact size you order without having to plow through fifty costumes (usually on the floor) looking for the size you need.

This is definitely a costume that youll want to pass down to babys future siblings or turn around and sell in a garage sale or on ebay to recover some of your Halloween expenses. The Gary the Snail infant costume isnt the same old pumpkin, lion or ladybug that you see every Halloween on every baby in the neighborhood.

Spongebob Squarepants is a delightful television program that captures the imaginations of small children and Gary the Snail is a character on the show that will be instantly recognizable when your baby shows up in the Gary the Snail infant costume.

Your child will stand out as the loveable little snail in the Spongebob Squarepants cartoon series, youll get some precious photos and youll be seen as the parent who let her fingers do the walking and chose one of the cutest and most recognizable Halloween costumes ever.

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