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Thor Costume From Avengers

When The Avengers movie came out this year, hot on the heels of the 2011 Thor movie, it was set in stone that this superhero’s costume would be one of the top sellers for boys. The Thor Movie Kids Costume comes in sizes 4-6, 7-8 or 10-12.  One of the reasons I like this costume is that it’s simple yet kids and teens will love it!  Also – there are only two accessories that you need to get to finish off the complete Thor costume for boys!

Thor, the Marvel Comics character who was taken from mythology, wields a heavy hammer that no mere mortal can lift. The hammer isn’t included with the costume, but you can buy it separately.

The costume reflects what the movie character (played by Chris Hemsworth) would wear into battle. He has a strong chest plate connected in a jumpsuit fashion and a red superhero cape flies behind him as he fights evil.

The costume doesn’t come with shoes, but in the movie Thor wore black boots. If your child doesn’t have black boots, then you can pair it with sneakers instead, because the jumpsuit will be black down to his ankles.

thor costume for boys

As for the accessories you can buy to go with the Thor Movie Kids Costume, consider investing in the helmet that Thor sometimes wears. It’s a silver helmet with wings that comes with a velcro strap to help it stay in place. It’s not heavy and bulky as you might expect, because that would be difficult for smaller kids to keep on.

Now when you go shopping for a Thor hammer to go with the costume, you’ll come to realize there is a wide range of options for you to choose from. Some are simple foam in either the brown and silver or brown and blue shades.

One Thor hammer that really stands out is the Thor Lightening Hammer. Every boy will want one of these because is comes to life with the press of a button, when you suddenly hear thunder and see flashing lights that mimic Thor’s ability to call on lightening, wind and thunder during battle.

The best thing about the Thor Lightening Hammer is that it has a built in weapon to go with it. It launches a missile at your enemies! So when you consider what your child will want, keep in mind that this option has extra features the foam versions just can’t compete with.

If your child is a toddler and too young for the costume described here, then you can find toddler sized Thor costumes. You can also find grown men’s Thor costumes, if you want father and son to dress alike this Halloween eve.

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