The Smurfs Costumes For Kids And Teens

Have Fun With A Smurf Halloween Costume This Halloween

The Smurfs have always been fun characters to play at Halloween. If you’ve never chosen this theme before, then why not get inspired by the 2011 movie and turn yourself blue for the evening?

What Does A Smurf Looks Like?

OK, so most of us already know what Smurfs look like from our childhood. However, you need to know *exactly* how they look if you’re going to pull off this theme for a Halloween party.

Skin: The most distinctive thing about the Smurfs is their blue skin. They really are completely blue all over, which means hands, face, eyelids – everything!

Hat: The Smurfs all wear a white Smurf hat, which flops over at the front.

Pants: The Smurfs also wear white pants to match their hats. Any kind of white pants will do for this, but they must be 100% white!

Shoes: Are you noticing a pattern here? Everything the Smurfs wear is white! This means the shoes too. You want them to blend in with the white pants as much as possible, so again plain 100% white is the best way to go.

Shirt: The key thing about the Smurfs is that they don’t wear shirts – they just leave their blue skin on display.
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For a long time, Smurfette was the only female Smurf in existence! If you want to dress as this truly unique character then the rules will change a little. Although Smurfette still has the classic blue skin, she wears a white dress instead of just the pants, and has blond flowing hair from underneath her Smurf hat.

Papa Smurf

You may also decide you want to dress specifically as Papa Smurf – easily distinguished from the other Smurfs thanks to the fact that he wears a red hat and pants, rather than white, and has a bushy white beard.

How To Re-Create The Blue Skin And Tail

The hardest part of any Smurf outfit is probably going to be the blue skin. You can have a lot of fun with this by painting your body completely with blue body paint, but you may also find that it’s just a little too much effort and a little too messy to bother with!

If you don’t want to go the body paint route then you’ll need a blue shirt. You’ll also want a blue Smurf tail attached to your white pants, which is easy enough to make out of a ball of fabric. Thankfully there are also a number of readymade Smurf costumes to make these two tasks as easy as possible.

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