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Tron Legacy Costume Ideas For Halloween: Straight Out Of A Virtual World

Although the Tron movie was first released in the 1980s, there’s now a renewed interest in this series thanks to the 2010 movie Tron Legacy. This is a quirky and impressive costume choice for men, women and children!

Tron Legacy is the story of a son who goes searching for his father and finds himself stuck in a virtual world. This is the same world where is father has been lost for over 20 years. Together, they must navigate a number of advanced obstacles and characters to help them escape back into reality.

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Distinctive Characteristics Of The Tron Outfit

It’s pretty easy to spot the famous Tron clothing thanks to the memorable black outfit, designed to look a lot like a computer game character.

The basic element of the costume is a black, skin tight jumpsuit. Through this ran a number of luminous lines, highlighting the fact that these characters were stuck in a digital world. This is the same theme carried from the 1982 movie, with a new technologically-advanced twist.

This isn’t necessarily an easy suit to replicate yourself, but it is possible. You should start by choosing a tight black jumpsuit. Failing that, tight pants and a black top will do. To get the glowing lines right the nearest thing to use is reflective tape.

Some people have gone one step further and found innovative ways to light up the suits, by using LED lights or electroluminescent wire, which you should find available to buy online or in specialist stores. Although it’ll take longer to put this outfit together, it may well be worth it when you see everyone’s reaction!

Important Tron Accessories

Although the Tron outfit is very identifiable without any extra accessories, there is one main accessory you may want to add to your Tron Legacy Halloween costume…

Every character carries a Tron Identity Disk – essential for programming, but also used as a weapon. Their cutting edge can quickly derezz (i.e. delete) any opponent, as long as the disk is energized! You could decorate your own black frisbee to create this essential accessory.

Want To Stick With Readymade Costumes?

Thankfully, there are officially licensed costumes available for this theme to make things easier on yourself! These bodysuits come designed for men, women and children. They feature reflective lines (sorry – no light-up costumes!) and look very similar to the movie originals – but you’ll need to buy the official Tron disk accessory separately.

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