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X-Men First Class: A New Selection Of Halloween Costumes For 2011

Thanks to the release of the X-Men prequel – X-Men First Class – in 2011, there’s been a surge in the number of X-Men costumes available to buy from stores. If this is a theme you’re considering for your Halloween costume this year then here’s a guide to what’s available and how you might go about creating your own costumes.

Before you get started, note that you can choose from a few different character options for each character. The First Class movie introduced a new set of costumes, separate from the ones we’ve seen in the other X-Men movies. This article is going to focus on those newer costume themes, though you’ll also be able to find the classic options available as officially licensed costumes in stores.


In the X-Men First Class movie, Cyclops wears a skin tight body suit in the famous blue and yellow colors. And you wouldn’t be Cyclops if you didn’t have huge muscles bulging through your jumpsuit! If these muscles don’t come naturally to you, don’t worry! The officially licensed costumes come with muscle inserts to help you get the look just right. And don’t forget the visor accessory (this also comes with officially licensed costume packs).

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The clothing Beast wears in the X-Men First Class movie also plays on the yellow and blue theme. He wears a skin tight jumpsuit featuring the yellow X marking across the front of the suit.

Beast also has plenty of muscles showing through his costume, so you’ll want to try and create the illusion of muscles using clever stuffing, or simply buy the officially licensed costume where the muscles are already built in. Complete the look with blue hands and the blue Beast mask.


If you’d rather bring out your dark side and go dressed as Magneto then the costume in the First Class Movie is different from the other versions. The helmet is still the most distinguishable feature, and is similar to past versions with its M shaping around the eyes and mouth.

The costume itself sticks to the classic deep red and purple coloring, but is a little more plain than before, with a long dark cape. This movie also sees Magneto wearing the classic X-Men yellow and blue style costume, so you have a lot of choice if you want to go dressed as this character this Halloween.

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